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Summer Home Ideas

Build a Deck

A deck is a perfect place to entertain guests or enjoy an evening beer with friends in the cool summer breeze. That’s part of the reason that summer is the best time of the year to give your deck the upgrade it deserves.

Take the time to replace rotting boards or loose railing and restain your wood deck if it needs it.

When you put together plans to upgrade your deck, make sure you get the proper permitting if it’s required. Consider what you plan to primarily use your deck for, and make sure it can accommodate your dreams.

Upgrade Your Patio

So you don’t have a deck, but you have a patio? Then it’s time to upgrade that! You can install a trellis or patio sun shades for some extra protection from the sun. Take time to replace loose or cracked patio tiles.

Want to spice up your patio? Add a fire pit or upgrade your outdoor seating. You can always add plants or a grill. Check out these creative ideas to grow plants on your patio, even if you don’t have much space.

Redo Your Landscaping

Summer is the perfect time to rethink your landscaping. Perhaps you’re tired of taking care of your lawn, or you notice a few dead spots that need attention. It’s time to patch up weak spots or consider a new plan that’s easier to care for.

For example, you might want to find out how environmentally friendly your current landscaping is. See if there are changes you can make so it uses less water, or incorporates more plants that are native to the area.

This is particularly important if you live in an arid area like Nevada or Arizona.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of taking care of a lawn, consider planting a garden as a front lawn instead, or consider moss lawns.

While most lawns won’t grow in every area, they’re low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing choices if you can make it happen.

Repair Your Roof

Summer is the best time to take good care of your roof and make any repairs or maintenance it needs. Why summer? Because you don’t want to have to handle roof repairs in cold snowy winters or rainy springs.

Get your roof inspected and cleaned and handle any maintenance that needs to be done. This will help extend your roof’s life and keep your family safe and warm throughout the winter.

Repaint Inside

Summer isn’t just a good time for outdoor projects – it’s a good time to repaint your interior walls as well. Paint puts off fumes, so in summer you can throw all the windows open and air out your rooms. The kids can go outside and play.

The point is, when you’re repainting your house, you don’t want to have to deal with paint fumes. Nice summer weather gives you the escape you need.

You can find paint schemes at your local home improvement or hardware store. Once you know the paint scheme you want, you can buy the supplies you need, or hire a professional.

DIY can save you money, but professionals can save you time and keep you away from paint fumes longer.

Make Sure You Tackle Summer House Upgrades This Summer

These summer house upgrades can help you enjoy your home more throughout the summer. Plus, they’ll help you improve your home’s longevity and resale value.

Some projects, like repainting, are easier to tackle during the summer. Others, like checking up on your roof, need to get done before winter hits.

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